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​The Corps Network serves as the advocate and representative of the nation's Service & Conservation Corps with the goal to sustain and grow the Corps movement.  The Corps Network's member Service 
and Conservation Corps operate in 46 states and 
the District of Columbia. 

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Civilian Conservation Corps 1934

Learn More About The Civilian Conservation Corps 1933-42   

 The Public Lands Service Coalition is dedicated to promoting 
 youth service jobs and career development on public lands.

 The group feels there is a need to engage young adults to help
 meet  backlogged maintenance needs, a need to address youth
 unemployment as wll as a need to prepare a diverse group of
 youth to be the next generation of public lands employees.

To view the PLSC's national strategy and other interesting facts 
follow the link below.

The Civilian Conservation Corps Legacy represents the alumni of America and strives to bring awareness to the heritage of the CCC, CCC alumni, their programs and accomplishments. For many years, alumni across America have elevated their heritage though consistently reminding citizens, historians, and natural resource agencies of its great impact on the American culture.            
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