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2011 -  Adirondack Civilian Conservation Corps Camps: History, Memories and Legacy of the CCC 
            by Marty Podskoch.       (352 pages)

2011 -  Devil's Lake, Wisconsin and the Civilian Conservation Corps by Robert Moore.  The History Press

2011 -  Shaping th Park and Saving the Boys: The Civilian Conservation Corps at Grand Canyon by 
            Robert W. Audretsch.   Self Published

2011 - New Deal, New Landscape: The Civilian Conservation Corps and South Carolina's State Parks by
           Tara Mitchell Mielink.  University of South Carolina Press    ISBN-10: 1570039844   (201 pages)   

2011 -  Our Mark on This Land: A Guide to the Legacy of the Civilian Conseration Corps in America's Parks 
            by Ren and Helen Davis - The McDonald & Woodward Publishing Company, Granville, OH   ISBN 978-1-935778-18-9  

2010 - Giant City State Park and the Civilian Conservation Corps by Kay Rippelmeyer 
            Southern Illinois University Press   ISBN-10: 0809329212     

2008 -  Hard Work and a Good Deal: The Civilian Conservation Corps in Minnesota by Barbara W. Sommer.
            Minnesota Historical Society Press   ISBN 13: 978-0-87351-612-9  

2008 -  Nature's New Deal: The Civilian Conservation Corps and the Roots of the American 
            Environmental Movement by Neil M. Maher    Oxford University Press    ISBN 978-0-19-539241-8

2008 -  Roaring River Heritage (Chapter 5, The Advent of the Civilian Conservation Corps) by Irene Horner
            Litho Printers, Cassville, MO   

2008 -  With Picks, Shovels & Hope: The CCC and Its Legacy on the Colorado Plateau by Hilton & Green.
            Mountain Publishing Company, Missoula, MT     ISBN-13 978-0-87842-546-4     (288 pages)              

2008 - The Civilian Conservation Corps of McCurtain County and Sub-Camps in Octavia, Nashoba and Hugo  by
            Jimm and Jackie Jacobs.  Oklahoma Forest Teaching Center   (272 pages)   

2007 -  That Magnificent Army of Youth and Peace: The Civilian Conservation Corps in North
            Carolina, 1933-1942   by Harley E. Jolley.     (167 pages)
            North Carolina Office of Archives and History    ISBN-10: 0865263299 

2006 -  At Work in Penn's Woods: The Civilian Conservation Corps in Pennsylvania by Joseph M. Speakman.
            Penn State University Press  ISBN 978-0-271-02876-7    (256 pages)

2006 -  New Deal Days: The CCC at Mesa Verde by Ronald C. Brown and Duane A. Smith.
            Durango Herald Small Press   ISBN 1-887805-20-6    (103 pages)

2006 -  The Civilian Conservation Corps in Arizona’s Rim Country: Working in the Woods by Robert J. Moore.
            University of Nevada Press  

2006 -  The Civilian Conservation Corps in Nevada by Victoria Ford & Renee Corona Kolvet.
            University of Nevada Press 

2006 -  My CCC Days by Frank C. Davis.
            John F. Blair Publisher    ISBN-10: 1933251239      (66 pages)

2004 -  Civilian Conservation Corps: In and Around the Black Hills by Peggy Sanders.
            Tempus Publishing, Inc.   ISBN 0-7385-3264-9       L.C.C. no. 2004101468     

2004 -​  The CCC Chronicles: Camp Newspapers of the Civilian Conservation Corps, 1933-1942
            By Alfred Emile Cornebise    McFarland & Company, Inc. Publishers

2002 -  By the People, for the people: The work of the Civilian Conservation Corps in California
            State Parks, 1933-1941  by Joseph H. Engbeck   ISBN 0941925226 9780941925228   (154 Pages)  

2001 -  Gold Medal CCC Company 1538: A Documentary by Kathy Mays Smith.
            ISBN-10 1563116421 

2000 -  Coming of Age in the Great Depression: The Civilian Conservation Corps Experience 
            in New Mexico 1933-1942 by Richard Melzer    Yucca Tree      ISBN 13:9781881325413

1999 -  The African American Experience in the Civilian Conservation Corps by Olen Cole Jr.
            University Press of Flordia   ISBN: 0813016606   (192 pages) 

1997 -  The C.C.C. Camps in West Virginia: 1933-1942 by Milton Harr.  (2nd Ed, 1997) 

1997 -  Civilian Conservation Corps (The Way We Remember It) by C. Nolte.
            Turner Publishing Company   ISBN: 1563110067  (Stories from former CCCers)

1993 -  Dusty Roads by Steve Canton.
            The Charles B. McFadden Co., Inc., Winter Park, FL   ISBN: 1-883114-01-2   (124 pages) 

1991 - The Civilian Conservation Corps Camp Newspapers: A Guide Compiled by Marlys Rudeen 
           The Center for Research Libraries, Chicago, IL - 1991.  ISBN 0-932486-37-1     

1990 -  In the Shadow of the Mountain: The Spirit of the CCC by Edwin G. Hill.
            Washington State University Press ISBN-10: 0874220734 (208 Pages)

1990 - The Moral Equivalent of War? A Study of Non-Military Service in Nine Countries by Donald Eberly
            Greenwood Press, Westport, CT -  (240 pages) 
           (Canada, China, Costa Rica, Germany, Indonesia, Irael, Mexico, Nigeria and theUnited States)

1990 -  Gratitude by William F. Buckley Jr. 
            Random House   ISBN: 0679402055  (169 pages)    (Promotes universal voluntary national service)

1989 -  Looking Back by Darwood Drake.   Adams Press, Chicago, IL  

1989 -  The Ace in the Hole: A Brief History of Company 818 of the Civilian Conservation Corps 
            by Louis Lester Purvis.   Brentwood Christian Press, Columbus, GA    (142 pages) 

1989 -  National Service: A Promise to Keep by Donald J. Eberly - Alden Books, NY - (247 pages)  

1988 -  A Call to Civic Service: National Service for Country and Community by Charles C. Moskos - McMillan (238 page)  

1986 -  History of th Trans-Canyon Telephone Line, Grand Canyon National Park by Teri A. Cleeland.

1986 -​  The Forest Service and the Civilian Conservation Corps: 1933-42     (FS-395)
            U.S. Government Printing Office #1986-623 579/554   (219 pages)       View On-Line

1985 -  The United States Civilian Conservation Corps of the 1930’s by Ernst A Hayden.   (107 pages)

1984 -  Home on the Range: Civilian Conservation Corps in the Kingman Area by Roman Malach.
            Speed Print Headquarters, Kingman, AZ         (48 pages)

1984 -  The CCC: A Humanitarian Endeavor during the Great Depression by Howard L. Lang, M.D.
            Vantage Press, New York, NY   ISBN: 533-05751-5     (170 pages)

1982 - The Civilian Conservation Corps, Vol 1 - Foxfire - Winter 1982.  

1982 -  Forgotten Men: The Civilian Conservation Corps by Robert Allen Ermentrout.
            Exposition Press, Smithtown, NY   ISBN: 0-682-49805-X     (102 pages)

1981 -  Roosevelt’s Forest Army: A History of the Civilian Conservation Corps 1933-1942
            By Perry H. Merrill.  Northlight Studio Press, Inc., Barre, VT.   ISBN: 09605806-0-3   (206 pages)

1981 -  The History of the Youth Conservation Corps by Dr. David E. Nye.
            U.S. Government Printing Office #1981-0 340-932/171   (97 pages)

1983 -  Hobnail Boots and Khaki Suits by E. Kay Kiefer and Paul E. Fellows.
            Adams Press, Chicago, IL   ISBN: 0-9612228-2-4    (195 pages)

1980 -​  History of the Young Adult Conservation Corps by Jack McElroy.
            U.S. Government Printing Office  

1980 -  The Tree Army: A Pictorial History of the Civilian Conservation Corps, 1933-1942 by Stan Cohen.
            Pictorial Histories Publishing Company 

1977 -  The Woodpecker War by Gerald H. Reynolds.   Beck Printing, Clearwater, FL.    (116 pages)

1976 -  CCC Boys Remember: A Pictorial History of the CCC by Glenn Howell.
            Klocker Printery, Medford, OR

1976 -  The Soil Soldiers: The Civilian Conservation Corps in the Great Depression by Leslie A. Lacy.
            Chilton Book Company, Radnor, PA   

1976 -  The Job Corps: A Social Experiment that Works by Sar A. Levitan.
            The Johns Hopkins University Press  ISBN-10: 0801818044    (118 pages)    

1975 - The New Deal: The State and Local Levels by John Braeman, Robert H. Bremner & David Brody
            Ohio State University Press - 2006.  (Vol II)

1967 -  Job Corps: Dollars and Dropouts  by Christopher Weeks.
            Publisher: Little, Brown       ASIN: B0007DEYW0   (241 pages)

1967 -  The Civilian Conservation Corps, 1933-1942: A New Deal Case Study by John A. Salmond.
            Duke University Press, Durham, NC     L.C.C. card no. 66-30206    (240 pages)     View On-Line

1944 - The History of the New Deal, 1933-1938 by Basil Rauch - Creative Age Press Inc., New York - 1944.  

1942 -  Saga of the C.C.C. by John D. Guthrie.   American Forestry Association

1942 -  Youth in the CCC by Kenneth Holland and Frank Ernest Hill.   (263 pages)

1941 -  My Brush Monkeys: An Army Officer's Story of the CCC by Albert W. Jernberg
           Richard R. Smith, Publisher

1940 -  Now They Are Men: The Story of the CCC by James J. McEntee.
            National Home Library Foundation, Washington, DC  

1940 -  Time on Their Hands: A Report on Leisure, Recreation, and Young People by C.Gilbert Wrenn 
            and D.L. Hartley.   (266 pages)   

1939 -  The Administration of the Civilian Conservation Corps by Charles Price Harper.
            Clarksburg Publishing Co., Clarksburg, WV    

1938 -  My Life in th Civilian Conservation Corps by Mrion Shean.  

1938 -  Your CCC: A Handbook for Enrollees by Ray Hoyt.    Happy Days Publishing Co.  

1937 -  CCC Forestry: ECW Enrollee Training by H.R. Kylie, G.H. Hieronymus and A.G. Hall.
            U.S. Government Printing Office   (334 pages)

1937 -  Some Find a New Dawn by Maide O’Heeron.   Burney Brothers Press, Aurora, MO  (Novel)

1937 -  This New America: The Spirit of the Civilian Conservation Corp by Alfred C. Oliver Jr. and Harold M. Dudley 
            Longmans Green and Co. - 1937.   

1935 -  Once in a Lifetime by Ned H. Dearborn.    Charles Merrill, CO.

1935 -  Park Structures and Facilities by the United States Department of Interior.

1935 -  The School in the Camps: The Education Program of the Civilian Conservation Corps by Frank E. Hill.
            J.J. Little and Ives Company, New York  

1935 -​  We Can Take It: A Short History of the CCC by Ray Hoyt.    American Book Company, New York, NY  

1935 -​  Youth in the Depression by Kingsley Davis.    University of Chicago Press

1934 -​  Youth Rebuilds by Ovid Butler.     American Forestry Association, Washington, DC

19__ -  The Civilian Conservation Corps Program in the United States by Nelson C. Brown.
​            U.S. Government Printing Office

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