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2011 - The U.S. Forest Service Job Corps 28 Civilian Conservation Centers by Larry J. Dawson and Alicia D. Bennett
            USDA Forest Service Proceedings, Rocky Mt. Research Station, RMRS-P-64, 2011.    View

1991 - The Civilian Conservation Corps in Arizona, 1933-1942 by Peter Booth - University of Arizona - Thesis  (234 pages)

1989 - "Work Shirts:" A Portrait of the Civilian Conservation Corps in Pima County, Arizona, 1933-1942   
            By Peter MacMillan Booth - May 1989.  (47 pages)    

1988 - National Service: An Action Agenda for the 1990s - National Service Secretariat, Washington, DC  (35 pages) 

1988 - Buildings Constructed by the Civilian Conservation Corps on the Coronado National Forest 
           by Catherine M. Cameron - Unpublished paper - 1988. 

1986 - The Cross Canyon Corridor Historic District In Grand Canyon National Park: A Model For Historic Preservation
             by Teri A. Cleeland - Northern Arizona University - Thesis   (152 pages)   

1986 - History of the Trans-Canyon Telephone Line, Grand Canyon National Park by Teri A. Cleeland - April 1986.

1986 - Black Youth in the Program of the Civilian Conservation Corps for California, 1933-1942
           by Cole Olen, Jr. - University of North Crolina - Disseration    

1984 - The YCC Program - Do Youth Benefit by Rick Fletcher - Forestry Research West, USDA Forest Service   
            August 1984.     (G.P.O. 1984-780-720/9447)     View 

1979 - Utterly Visionary And Chimerical: A Federal Response to the Great Deppression, An Examination of Civilian 
           Conservation Cops on National Forest System Lands in th Pacific Northwest by Elizabeth Gail Throop.   
           Portland State University - Theis    (87 pages)

1977 - The Job Corps: A Cornerstone of Youth Employment and Taining Efforts by Robert Taggart & Raymond Young
            USDOL-ETA, Washington, DC - Unpublished Manuscript - 1977. 

1976 - The CCC In North Carolina: a preliminary investigation by Sandra L. Thomas.
            University of North Carolina at Greensboro - College Paper.

1976 - The History and Effects of the New Deal on the Coconino National Forest by Gregg Sawyer - Unpublished paper.  

​1973 - The Civilian Conservation Corps in the Northern Rockies by James Austin Hanson 
           University of Wyoming - Dissertation    

​1971 - Nine Years of Achievement: The Civilian Conservation Corps in Utah by Kenneth W. Baldridge.
           Brigham Young University - Thesis

1968 - The Civilian Conservation Corps: the Role of the Army by Charles William Johnson.
            University of Michigan - Thesis     

1967 - The Indian Civilian Conservation Corps by Donald Lee Purman - University of Oklahoma - 1967.  Thesis 

1966 - Youth-Work Programs: Problems Planning and Operation by Melvin Herman and Stanley Sadofsky
           New York University, The Center for the Study of Unemployed Youth, Graduate School of Social Work - 1966. 

1942 -  Barriers to Youth Employment by Paul T. David  
           Prepared for The American Youth Commission  (110 pages)

1941 - Work Camps for College Students by Kenneth Holland.   
           Prepared for The American Youth Commission  (32 pages)

1941 - Work Camps for High School Youth by Kenneth Holland and Georgr L. Bickel.
           Prepared for The American Youth Commission  (27 pages)

​1941 - Effectiveness of Job Training Program of CCC by Ralph W. Sullivan
           George Washington University - Mimeographed (55 pages)  June 1941.   

1941 - Youth in Europen Labor Camps by Kenneth Holland.
           Prepared for The American Youth Commission  (110 pages)

1941 - Youth Work Programs: Problems and Policies by Lewis L. Lorwin.  
           Prepared for The American Youth Commission  (195 pages)

1940 - The Curricular and Instructional Program of the Junior White Civilian Conservation Camps of the North and 
           South Texas Districts by Claude Hrrison Thurman. - University of Texas - June 1940. 

1940 - Some Nation-Wide Problems of theCivilian Conservation Corps by Everett L. Edmondson.
           Northwestern University  (33 pages)   

1940 - The Civilian Conservation Corps: Recomendations of the American Youth Commission of the American 
           Council on Education  - American Youth Commission - January 1940.     View PDF

1939 - A Social Adjustment of California Civilian Corps Enrollees as Determined by a Critical Analyis of Their 
           School, Camp and Post-Camp Records by Harold E. Barden - University of Southern California - (410 pages) 

1939 - The Civilian Conservation Corps, A New Kind of Educational and Vocational Training by Richard H. Heep
           College of the City New York - Typed (498 pages)   

1939 - The Educational Program, Though Guidance, for Youths in the Civilian Conservation Corps 
           by Thomas Smith Byrd - University of Wyoming - Typed (128 pages)   

1938 - A study of education in the CCC camps of the 2nd Corps Area by Sam F. Harby.
           Columbia University Teachers College – Lithoprinted by Edward Brothers Inc., Ann Arbor, MI   (264 pages)

1938 - The educational program of the CCC:  Its provisions for leisure time and vocational guidance
           by G. Wayne Cruey.  Bowling Green State University   (103 pages)

1938​ - Commercial education in the CCC by Leo J. Query.  Boston University   (80 pages)

1938 The administration and use of visual aids in the CCC by Eustis D. Wilson.
           Louisiana State University – Typed   (90 pages)

1938 - Historical inquiry onto the CCC movement with special reference to the Ninth Corps Area 
           by Neal M. Nelson.  University of Idaho – Typed   (146 pages) 

1938 - Characteristics of 195 CCC enrollees by Allicia Cody
           University of Chicago – Unpublished   

1938​ - Health and culture in the CCC camps by Octavia R. Bassett.  
           George Washington University   (65 pages) 

1938​ - A study of the duties of company commanders, educational advisers, and project superintendents 
           in the CCC of West Virginia by L. H. Headington.  Ohio State University – Typed   (226 pages)

1938 - The effect of individual guidance upon participation and quality of work in a voluntary CCC 
           educational program by Kirkland Sloper.   North Adams State Teachers College – Typed    (93 pages)

1938 - CCC camp papers, a check list of papers published before July 1, 1937, with notes 
            by Wayne S. Yenawine.  University of Illinois – Typed   (385 pages)

1937 - A survey of the social background of the CCC enrollees in the Fort Douglas District 
           by Thora Bergeson.  University of Utah – Unpublished   (103 pages)

1937 - A study of the leisure-time activities of the CCC camps in Ohio by Ernest H. Ward.
          Ohio State University – Unpublished  

1937 - The effect of a CCC camp’s recreational program on the realization of its educational objectives 
            by Darrell Clore House.  University of Kentucky – Typed   (28 pages) 

1937 - Curriculum content in CCC camps of Illinois by P. B. Earp.
           Colorado State, College of Education – Unpublished  

1937 - Educational work of the CCC camps in Ohio by Eldon B. Sessions.
           Ohio State University – Typed   (372 pages)

1937 - A personnel study of the school achievement, intelligence, socio-economic status, and personality
           adjustment of CCC enrollees of Northeast Texas by Lewis A. Parr.  University of Texas - Typed  (78 pages)

1937 - Federal policies toward adult education 1926-1936   (Deals in part with CCC education) 
           by Charles E. Howell. University of Iowa - Unpublished

1937 - The problems of the school as revealed by a study of the interests and abilities of enrollees in the CCC
           by Arthur J. Ter Keurst.  Northwestern University – Typed   (329 pages)

1936 - Facts concerning enrollees, advisers, and educational program in CCC caps in Missouri  
          by Clarence R. Aydelott.   University of Missouri – University of Missouri Press   (104 pages)  

1936 - A study of personnel and educational programs of three CCC camps by Lester Harold Gallogly.
           Ohio State University   (138 pages)

1936 - Educational opportunities in the CCC by Margaret Finch.
           De Paul University   (105 pages)

1936 - The educational program of North Dakota companies of the CCC by Kenneth I. Dale.
           University of North Dakota – Typed   (51 Pages)

1936 - Education in the CCC camps of Montana by Harry A. Westley.
           Montana State University – Unpublished  

1936 - An educational and personnel study of three CCC camps in District II, New Jersey 
           by William J. Tipper.  Temple University   (63 pages)

1936 ​- The educational implications of the CCC by D.B. Tower
          Niagara University – Typed   (35 pages)

1936 - CCC camp programs as evaluated by enrollees by Estelle Markin
          University of Chicago – Unpublished   

1936 - The Federal Emergency Education Program, 1933-36 by Dorothy M. Reifel  (Deals in part with CCC) 
          University of Cincinnati – Unpublished  

1935​ Survey of organized recreational activities in the CCC camps in Tennessee by Turman Overby Beasley.
          Peabody   (78 pages)

1935 - Establishment and first year’s administration of the CCC by Stanley Davison.
           University of Montana – Unpublished  

1935 - Educational and vocational purpose of boys in CCC camps and facilities for training 
          by John Thomas Greene.  Alabama Polytechnic Institute – Typed  

1935 - Opportunity for industrial training in the CCC camp program by T. A. Kennedy
          Oklahoma Agricultural and Mechanical College   (28 pages) 

1935 - The Educational Program of the CCC by W.L. Reinert.
          University of Chicago   (102 pages)

1935 -  Federal aid for education by W.A. Stumpf  (Deals in part with CCC)
            University of Chicago – Unpublished  

1935 - The administration of the Civilian Conservation Corps by Charles Price Harper.
           John Hopkins University – Typed   (228 pages) 

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